Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The volcano that keeps on giving.

A fun challenge this year has been figuring out how my kids can make their own "toys," like this volcano. Not surprisingly, they are much more entertained by something they create than something we just buy and give them.

This volcano is the toy that keeps on giving. Everett has probably erupted it more than fifty times, and we still have it. We just can't seem to throw it away, because it's always fun.

This school lesson came from Everett asking if we could build a mountain for school, so we built a volcano. One thing I liked about this lesson is that Everett was able to build the volcano, paint it, and make it erupt almost all by himself. All he had to do it make it erupt was put a spoonful of baking soda in the hole, and then pour a little vinegar from a measuring cup. 

Since our initial volcano week, Everett has continued to make the volcano erupt, he's included his dinosaurs, and we even made red lava out of shaving cream and food coloring to try something different. 

Books we checked out at the library about volcanoes:

Just a pirate boy reading about volcanoes:
Everett had friends over, and he was really excited to teach them about volcanoes:
"Don't touch the lava": 
Erupting the volcano on the dinosaurs:
Playing with dinosaurs in the lava (shaving cream and red food coloring), which then resulted in a bath and soaking their clothes in water and soap, reminding me why I rarely use food coloring with them:
Teaching dad about volcanoes:

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