Sunday, April 15, 2018

Spring in Joshua Tree National Park.

I have vacillated between thinking I am a mountain person and a beach person, as if one has to claim one or the other. Now, I claim it all. I am a beach person and a mountain person and a meadow person and a desert person and a backyard person.

It’s funny how we think we need to adopt certain identities instead of embrace all that life has to offer. In a similar way, I have always claimed that I am not a homebody, I’m an adventurer! And guess what, I am a homebody and an adventurer, a lover of travel and a lover of a comfortable, casual day at home.

This summer, the beach was a place of healing for me. This fall, the mountains were a source of joy and awakening for me. This winter, I have been drawn to the desert, to the awe inspiring landscape where growth happens amidst the starkness.

The plants and animals that reside there, flourish not in spite of the desert conditions but because of them.

What could be more striking than being surprised by wildflowers growing in a crevice between two boulders where it seems impossible for life to thrive?

What is more intriguing than happening upon a colony of caterpillars, spinning silk to create a home together? 

What is more reassuring than a national park that celebrates the awkward and quirky Joshua Tree, whose beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and commands attention along the horizon no matter which way you look?

What is more inspiring than watching our kids take on the desert with their adventurous spirits? Cambria is a fearless trailblazer. Everett is an ambitious rock climber. Cambria wanted to lead the way and traverse the boulders, demanding to do whatever her brother was doing and more.  

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