Thursday, April 19, 2018

1.5 years old.

Dear Cambria, 
All of a sudden, you are a year and a half old. It makes me sad that you won’t have any long-term memories from this season of life, so I want you to know that at eighteen months, you are a badass, and I mean that as a compliment. As you grow, my hope for you is that you maintain your sense of badassery, and if you ever need an inspiration, merely look back at yourself at one and a half, and realize all you need is already within you. In fact, when I need some inspiration, I look to you at eighteen months old; I want to be more like you.

You are both soft and tough. You are a cuddler and a climber. You are loving and stubborn. You are helpful and a human tornado. 

When you smile, you do so with more than your mouth. You use your whole face and your entire body, and exuberantly yell, “Cheese.” 

You are a talker, and all day long, you chat. “Hi, Mama.” “Mama, here you go.” “Mama, I love you.” “Mama, where are you?” You are learning new words everyday, and your language explosion is so fun to observe.

We’re still trying to get you to regularly sleep through the night, and that is just one way that you show your independent spirit. 

You are fearless when it comes to exploring, but we finally just found something that made you scared, a cat. To be fair, I think it was the first time you were ever around a cat, so it was likely a fear of the unknown (but to be honest, I am slightly afraid of cats, too).

You love music and dancing and running and smiling. You love your family fiercely. You are your happiest self when mama, dada, and brother are all with you. When one of us is missing, you are constantly asking for that person. 
I hope that I can only encourage your adventurous spirit as you grow.  


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