Friday, March 9, 2018

Sunday funday: Grabbing the brass ring.

I recently learned that the phrase "grab the brass ring" is another way to say "live life to the fullest." 

I had never heard of grabbing the brass ring until this day, when we decided to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday by taking our kids to Balboa Park, hopeful that the masses would be at parties watching football.

On this day, I grabbed the brass ring while riding the Carousel, and I'm not sure I have ever been so excited to win something. My prize was a free ticket, so we offered Everett the opportunity to go on a small ride that spins around, but he didn't want to go on it alone. Cambria, on the other hand, climbed right into that butterfly, and was happy to go around and around, as the only kid on the ride. Everett was the proud older brother, and each time she came around, he said, "Cambria, you're a butterfly!" and clapped for her.

This is us living life to the fullest these days. It is not glamorous by any means. We are not galavanting to some far off country. We are driving 1.5 miles from home to have a simple Sunday afternoon that's focused on the kids, which is fun for us, too. Our fullest life these days is watching our kids' faces light up with glee while riding horses on the Carousel. Our fullest life is watching Cambria ride in a butterfly in the same way she approaches everything in life, with bravery. It is watching Cambria clap throughout an entire train ride. It is watching Everett's excitement about public art that he is actually allowed to touch and climb on, while Cambria walks throughout the art village picking up all the bougainvillea petals off the ground she can find.

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