Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Winter finally came to San Diego.// March creative challenges.

Winter finally came to San Diego this month, and we had a few days of cold. Every time it is raining (which has been approximately three days this winter), Everett has to hurry as fast as he can to put on his rain boots so he can jump in puddles. He is a bit obsessed. Cambria was in the stroller for this walk, because we learned pretty quickly that she doesn't understand the whole jump in puddles thing yet. She walked into her first puddle and sat down, and Everett exclaimed, "Cambria, this is not a pool! You are not supposed to sit down in the puddles! You are supposed to jump in them!"


On another note, it is now March, so I am writing down my creative challenges for this month. As I've written before, I function better when there is some type of goal on the horizon, so I'm trying out creative challenges each month. 

In February, I had the goal to photo journal every weekday, and I enjoyed reflecting on bits of our daily lives. I appreciate the way that photo journaling helps me to be positive and practice gratitude. 

In January, I did the 1 Second Everyday video of our lives.

In March, I am giving myself two creative challenges: 
1) I hope to journal and post about something that makes me feel vulnerable, my journey with postpartum depression. In all honesty, everything I post makes me feel vulnerable, because I am sharing my life and I am an over thinker. However, this month, I want to challenge myself to write about the story of my experience with postpartum depression, which is difficult for me to share. I'm pushing myself to do so, because I think it is important to remember the challenging seasons of life and the lessons we learn through them.
2) I take far too many photos of our daily life, and this month I hope to catch up with sorting through and organizing our family photos from the past few months, especially the photos of Everett's "school" time, so we can have a little exhibition next month. 

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