Monday, March 12, 2018

Our favorite chapter book.

Last summer, we got Everett his first chapter book, My Father's Dragon. We all liked it enough, but some of the writing was hard for him to follow, although with repetition and age, he definitely loves the book now. We started Charlotte's Web this fall, and although we all enjoy it, we are still working our way through it and haven't finished it yet. We have also read a few of the Magic Tree House chapter books, and while Everett liked them, I didn't really love reading them out loud to him. 

In the fall, I checked out Lulu and the Brontosaurus from the library. Our school lesson for the day was to read part of the book, and then paint a Brontosaurus using q-tips instead of paint brushes. However, we ended up reading the entire book in one sitting (it's a relatively short illustrated chapter book). Everett loved it so much that we finally purchased our own copy.

It's a book both Matt and I have enjoyed reading out loud to him, and I can't count the number of times we have each read it. It's definitely our family's favorite chapter book. 

Painting the Brontosaurus was a fun activity to go with the book, that is, until our dog ate Everett's Brontosaurus. It was a bit sad at the time for Everett, but we rectified the situation by doing the same activity again for another school day to replace the eaten dinosaur.

We have also enjoyed reading a few of the Magic School Bus chapter books, but nothing has excited Everett quite as much as Lulu and the Brontosaurus.

Way back in the fall when Everett had a lot less hair:

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