Thursday, March 15, 2018

A year of Everett's haircuts.

Once a season, Matt and Everett have walked to our neighborhood barber (which has somewhat unreliable results), and Everett gets a haircut. Every time he comes home after a haircut, he is handsome, but my heart breaks a little, because he looks SO. MUCH. OLDER. I have felt the need to document every haircut, because they are just another reminder that he is growing up so quickly.

This winter, he decided that he was going to grow his hair out, and he stubbornly lasted awhile until he literally couldn't see and would complain about his hair tickling his eyelashes and his neck, so he got a trim to keep it out of his eyes.

The growth from age 2.5-3.5 is astonishing to me, and Everett is a full on boy now, with no trace of toddler left in in him. About a year ago, we started music class, and Everett was one of the younger kids; he was hesitant and shy. Now, he is the oldest kid in music class, and he is outgoing and vocal. Also about a year ago, we started attending library preschool story time, and again, Everett was one of the younger kids and he would barely even wave to the librarians. Now, he is one of the biggest kids, he answers all of the questions, and talks the librarian's ear off.

He is becoming more of his own person, and while it is beautiful to see him grow and flourish, it is also a little bittersweet.

Here I present, four seasons of Everett and his haircuts. And now, I will resort to the ultimate mom cliche and go cry in a corner as my child is growing up too quickly for my liking.

Spring 2017:

Summer 2017:

Autumn 2017:

Winter 2018:

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