Thursday, March 22, 2018

Partners in crime.

Cambria never really toddled. She went from crawling to almost running. She didn't go through a phase where she wanted mama or dada to hold her hand while she anxiously took her first steps. She just wanted to take off and go.

Cambria is daring. She always wants to climb to the highest place possible in a given room or yard. Toys for babies have always bored her. She would rather get into mischief.

Everett is the big brother who is a constant instigator. He encourages Cambria's crazy. She mimics everything he does, and so they create chaos together daily.

This particular morning, Everett wanted to play in the dryer, and of course, Cambria followed him in, and she refused to get out. In fact, she screamed when it was time to move onto something else and get our day started. Everett tried to console her, "Cambria, it's okay. You're not clothes, so you can't just stay in the dryer all day. Do you really want to be clothes, Cambria? I don't think you would like to be clothes. You are a little girl."

We lured her out with a snack and the promise of going in the backyard and being a dinosaur, because her love of playing in the dryer is equal to her love of eating, being outside, and dressing up.

Upon coming back inside, Everett asked her if she wanted to be in a band with him, and they made "music" together. 

This was all before 9:00 in the morning. They are partners in crime, which is equal parts cute and exhausting.

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