Friday, March 23, 2018

Music day: AKA You will appreciate more than just the Moana soundtrack, children.

When I first decided to keep Everett out of preschool this year and do "school" at home, I made rules for us in my head. One of the rules was, we will all get dressed every day before we start school. I quickly decided to let go of that battle if Everett really wanted to keep his pajamas on for our school lesson. By the looks of these photos, apparently pants are optional, too. 

This was "Music Day," also known as, my kids will appreciate more than just the Moana soundtrack. We listened to the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and David Bowie, and they rocked out with their own instruments to the music. Then, we read books about music we checked out from the library:
Finally, we made our own instruments using materials I collected from around the house: plastic trays and rubberbands (guitar), coffee can and dried beans and pasta (shaker), plastic bottles and dried goods (shaker), paper towel roll and wax paper (horn), coffee can and sticks (drum). Then, we played music.

Both kids had a lot of fun.

These pictures are from awhile ago, but I am in the process of going through photos from our "school" time, because I am creating a slideshow for Everett to have an "exhibition" of his work. Yes, I am the nerdiest person on the planet. As a teacher, I loved creating slideshows of photos to show students, so we could look back over the school year together and celebrate all we had learned. At the school I worked at, we had exhibitions so that students could showcase their learning to a bigger audience than their teachers. Since this is Everett's school experience this year, he doesn't have a class performance or back to school night like some three year olds might have, so we are going to have an "exhibition," so he can share his learning with someone besides me. Since I am going through photos of our "school" time, I'll share some here, too.

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