Tuesday, March 20, 2018

All they really need to be happy is a cardboard box.

Today, Everett said to me, “Mom, can we order something to come in the mail?"

I responded with, "What do you need, buddy?"

"Mom, can we get a really, really big package?" he replied.

"Well, what do you think you need, Everett?" I responded.

"Mom, I really, really, really need a new cardboard box to play with,” Everett said.

Cardboard boxes bring my kids more joy than most things do. They have provided hours of entertainment for my children in a way no toy ever has. The good/bad thing about cardboard boxes is that they don't last, so every cardboard box that arrives provides a new opportunity, but mostly at our house, they end up being a vessel to go to outer space. 

Give my kids a cardboard box to go on a journey to the moon and a colander as a space helmet, and they are ecstatic. 

"Mom, can I wear my skirt in the rocket?"

"Mom, there's a bear named Cambria in our rocket."

"Mom, can we send Cambria to outer space all by herself?"

"Mom, can I read books to Cambria in our rocket?"


Books we enjoyed to go with our cardboard spaceship and rocket, most of which I checked out from the library: 

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