Sunday, April 20, 2014

33 weeks.

Dear baby, 

This week was an exciting and full one! We had your dad's parents staying with us for a few days (your Grammy and Papa) to help out with house projects and they painted your room! We took maternity photos with a professional who will come take photos of you too when you join our family. My brother, your uncle Travis, stayed with us for a few days around his birthday and we adventured around San Diego. These photos were taken in La Jolla after our failed attempt at kayaking. Apparently, pregnant women are not allowed in kayaks, or so we were told, so we just enjoyed the beach instead. Also, this week, we had a baby shower with my family that was so wonderful and magical, and even included an Easter egg hunt. It was a busy week filled with family and love all around, and wow, you are a lucky one for the crazy family you will be born into. 


(This week's photos taken on the lovely shores of La Jolla.)

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