Saturday, April 12, 2014

32 weeks.

Another letter from your dad! As a part of our birthing class we took, your dad had a homework assignment to write you a letter. Here it is for this week's note:

Dear Baby G.,

Life can be a bore if you ignore the moments of plain amusement that surround. In the swaying trees, stars, nature, smiles, and even the constant warm sunshine, we can find fun and simple pleasure. One of the few important lessons that I want you grasp in your time on this earth is that there is no shortage of amazing things to learn and do. Surely when I tell you that as a teen you will roll your eyes, and when I tell you that as a five year old you will be confused. So let me, for just a minute, explain, and perhaps you will understand a little better.

Sometimes we seek out the most “fun” entertainment or toy in the hopes that it will fulfill us, or make us smile. I still find myself looking forward to all kinds of things- weekends, vacation, fun with friends. What I have learned in my aged wisdom (ha!) is that we need to really take time to enjoy the moments we are in. We will share so many moments together that it will be easy to look past the normal things that happen. Already I can see it happening. Your mother lets me feel your arms and feet bump against her belly and it's become commonplace. We went to the doctor yesterday and heard your heartbeat again and the doctor talked right over it. These little moments are among the most astounding I have experienced, but we can forget that if we don't take time to stop and appreciate how amazing they are.

It is my pledge to love you in all moments. I hope you will do the same when you are consciously able to. It will be work. We have a challenging task ahead of us. It is no easy thing to be that present when you have bills and chores (me) not to mention teething and tantrums (you). It seems that on this journey towards selflessness and appreciation of the everyday there are a lot of obstacles placed in our way of enjoying the little things. I pray that I can be your guide. 

I hope that I can be an example to you, because, really, when it comes down to it, love can be lost if you don’t continually look for it in the normal everyday moments. I will devote myself to you. I want to do this, because now you will be in the time of life where you need to develop a self, create your identity, and make life your own (not to mention, grow and develop cognitive abilities). Eventually you will give more of yourself to others as well. Perhaps that is one of the major purposes of life- once we have established the self, to learn to give of ourselves. I look forward to helping you along that journey, the first step of which is trying my best to provide for you and model/ live it out for your sake.

I pray a blessing on our new family, and hope to love you the best I can.

I love you,
Your dad

(This week's photos taken on a Sunday trip to dog beach in Ocean Beach.)

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