Saturday, April 5, 2014

31 weeks.

Dear baby, 

This week was spring break, and this photo is of me at the highest point in the city of San Diego on top of Cowles Mountain. It was a slow and steady journey, but I made it to the top. I think one of the hardest things about being pregnant has been the physical changes that have slowed me down and made me not feel like myself. Just this past summer, I summited Mount Whitney and Half Dome, and now I am slowly struggling to make it up this little mountain. I like to be the fast hiker, not the slow waddler (although I don't yet think I'm really in the waddling phase just yet).

This week we finished our birthing class and hired a doula, so things are getting more real. Labor and birth will be happening before we know it. It has been empowering to learn so much about the labor and birth process, and I am really happy to have a doula to feel supported by. I am half terrified and half excited by it all. 


(This week's photo taken atop Cowles Mountain, the highest point in San Diego.)

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