Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy holidays from us to you.

Our 2012 holiday card.

Hoping your holiday season has been full of love, joy, and peace that continues into the new year. One of my favorite traditions is sending out and receiving holiday cards. I'm so bad at keeping in touch with people (something I wish I was better at) throughout the year, so it's nice to have a tradition like this. It's also lovely having the time off of teaching to reconnect with family and friends in person. We've enjoyed spending the last few days with family and are now taking off on a little road trip planned at the last minute to catch up with each other and some friends along the way.

(Side note: If you didn't get a card from us, it's probably because we don't have your address. We would love to add you to our list if you want to give it to us!)

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