Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our big hike in Switzerland// Quite possibly my favorite day of our trip so far.

We only left Switzerland on Saturday and I already miss it. The mountains do really bring a certain peace to my soul. We spent our time in the Jungfrau Region, and one day while we were there, we did a long, tough hike through the Swiss Alps. It was quite possibly my favorite day of our trip so far. The scenery was indescribable, so I'll let the pictures speak for me.

Total distance: 14.5 miles
Total elevation gain: 6949 feet
Total elevation loss: 9380 feet

I was sore for a good three days after this hike, but my spirit was renewed.

P.S. It was a bit windy, so don't mind my hair.


  1. Beautiful Brooke! I remember being in Switzerland (way back when) and every time a cloud moved it changed the scenery which demanded another picture! Who knows how many rolls of film I used on one hike!

    1. We obviously had the same problem; it's a good problem to have though!