Sunday, July 22, 2012

On the seaside of Italy in Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre, made up of five charming seaside villages that one can go between by train or hike. We stayed in Vernazza. One day, we put on our bathing suits and tennis shoes and ventured into other towns to explore. There was something quite enchanting about hiking along the breathtaking coastline and coming upon a quaint seaside Italian village in the distance. 
We even signed our names on the Via dell'Amore.

Here's a little excerpt from my journal on our last day there:
"It's our last day in Cinque Terre. The only thing on our agenda for the day was to go to the beach and catch the train at 17:41. Not a bad plan. Here I am lying on the beach and here's what my day consists of: lie in the sun next to my honey, wait until we get too hot, take a swim in the sea, try to take it all in. Repeat. Repeat again. I wish I could freeze time."


  1. This is my favorite lace so far. I love how it looks. I picked out my house, it's the pink one. I could see myself living there. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures with us.
    Love you, MOM
    PS Aspen scored a filet mignon off the counter while we waited for the BBQ to heat up. Sneaky and stealth too

    1. Oh Cyndi, you are too cute! Sorry about the filet mignon. The only thing he has ever eaten off our counter is butter, but then again, we have never had filet mignon on our counter. Now he is really never going to want to come home with us... with all those walks he is getting and filet mignon!