Thursday, May 10, 2012

Date night shenanigans.

Maybe one of my favorite date nights ever. We rode bikes, ate delicious food, people watched, had good conversation, took silly photos, and laughed.

Riding bikes to North Park. Love this piece of art.
Dinner at Urbn (such a great happy hour deal).
Mashed potato, artichoke heart, and tomato pizza. So good.
The city in the distance.
Self timer photos always seem to devolve at a rapid rate for us.
Strike a pose?
Matt tried to do a handstand...
and failed twice (it wasn't just his fault, I was supposed to hold his legs).
Matt climbed a tree...
and he told me to sit in some flowers.
The sun began getting lower in the sky, so it was time for us to ride home.
We got there just in time to catch the sunset from the roof.
And to simultaneously see the moon rise.
Such a fun, simple night.


  1. Oh my gosh, the pictures of Matt attempting a handstand had me laughing out loud (but trying to hold it in so I don't wake Emrie up so it was more like a quiet snort). I love this post. Also, you look so pretty.

  2. You guys are hilarious and so cute! I love the one of you sitting in the flowers, and a great sunset! love you!