Monday, May 14, 2012

Staying up too late on a school night.

Last week was filled with late nights and lack of sleep. My inner eighty year old woman who likes to be in bed by 9 pm wasn't too happy about it. On Monday night, we went to see Rocky Votolato at the Casbah. Friday night was grad night, so I stayed up all night at Disneyland. Saturday night was spent dancing to the music of Delta Spirit (my most recent music addiction) at the Belly Up, which was such a great live show with so much energy. It was all so fun, even in spite of my typical 5:30 am alarm clock.

On Monday night, we sat along the harbor while we waited until it was time to head over the Casbah.
Matt took the photos of Rocky, because of course, I was too busy singing along to all of the songs. This was our fourth time seeing Rocky at the Casbah, which is more than I've seen any other musician live. He comes to San Diego often, and always sticks around and talks to the fans after his shows. Most people I know have never heard of him, but I will always love the simplicity of a guy, a guitar, and a harmonica on stage. After the show, I thanked him for coming and told him how much I appreciate his music. We purchased our favorite album of his and got him to sign it. Our little vinyl collection is growing.
This week, I hope to catch up on some sleep.

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