Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Snippets from our Sunday.

Days spent mostly outside in the sunshine with people you love are the best. The most beautiful thing is that all of these photos were taken within a one mile radius of my house.
 the city we love.
 one lone white flower amongst a sea of yellow.
 just me.
 farmer's market bounty.
 a (new to us) old record player. finally putting my parents' records to good use. bob dylan. the beatles. simon and garfunkel. crosby, stills, and nash. all great companions for a sunny afternoon picnic in the backyard.
 i think this is true.
 dogs make the best pillows.
walking on our street.
 lovely tree.
best neighborhood.
best husband.
 best brewery. stone tasting room in south park. actually, according to beer advocate magazine, "the all time top brewery on planet earth."

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