Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Other snippets of our weekend.

In addition to the long and lovely walk we took through our neighborhood, we filled our weekend with other simple things like soaking up the sunshine, the clouds, and delicious meals. 

Watching ten foot waves from the Ocean Beach pier. They don't look very big in the pictures, but they were shaking the pier and splashing up onto it.
A special cocktail at my favorite San Diego restaurant (and we had the best meal ever).
A picnic in the park soaking up the afternoon sunshine.
On Sunday night, the nerd in me reared its head (which it does on a daily basis), and I told Matt my great idea of putting all the blankets we have on the living room floor (we only have about three, because we live in sunny San Diego and when do you ever need more than three blankets?), having a living room picnic for dinner, and watching movies. Matt thought I was a nerd (which he does on a daily basis), but he went along with my plan anyway. So, that's what we did to finish out the weekend (and now I've used all of my allotted parentheses for the week).
Now it's Tuesday, and I am behind at work because I spent this weekend in no work and all play, but it was well worth it.

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