Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy three day weekend.

Happy weekend.

The highs and lows of this past week:

-The semester ended!
-We got to see all 54 of our students talk about how they've grown this semester and what they're proud of. It validates teaching for me.
-We spent Thursday night hanging out with some dear friends who have a beautiful 5 month old girl. There's a case of baby fever going on around these parts. (And why didn't I take any pictures while they were over? Sometimes I'm awesome at capturing joyful moments, and sometimes they are only beautiful memories in my mind.)

-I wrote 20,846 words worth of comments about my students in the time span from Monday to Friday. Now, my brain is mush and I can barely put words together at all.
-Mice are out to get me. We found a dead mouse in my office at school, and a live mouse ran down my hallway. This is not okay.