Saturday, December 17, 2011

San Diego in 360 degrees and some random musings.

 from a city skyline on the ocean...
 to houses and freeways...
 to mountains covered in snow.

Aspen and I went on a hike this morning to the top of Cowles Mountain, the highest point in the city of San Diego. It's not the most picturesque or nature-filled hike, but it does offer a 360 degree view of San Diego, which is especially nice on a clear, sunny day like today.

Today was my first free day in a few weeks, and I have missed being out in the sunshine since these short days have taken over. Not to mention I have been nursing a running injury and have missed being outside exercising. 

Aspen and I made some friends along the hike, all of whom wanted to know what type of dog he is. One little boy ran up to him, began rubbing Aspen's head, and asked, "What kind of dog is this?" When I replied, "he's just a mutt," the little boy shouted, "I love mutts!" Me too.

As we reached the top of the mountain, I lied down, soaking up the sun and the peacefulness, breathing deeply, refreshing my spirit with each inhale. Then some man started shouting about Jesus. How we all need to realize that God created the ocean we were looking at and the mountain we were standing on, and we need God to get rid of the rebel inside of each of us. We should not be cheaters. We need God in our marriage. We need to remember that day that Jesus died on the cross for us. He went on and on, yelling about Jesus. When he stopped he came around and passed out little pamphlets, to which I said, "no thank you." And his response was, "Jesus loves you." 

This poor Jesus shouting man killed the spiritual experience I was having on top of the mountain. Life is funny like that sometimes.


  1. This reminds me of something that happened to me this week too. I was taking a break from work and walking around downtown El Cajon for some air and exercise, and a lady on a bicycle came up to me and asked me something. I didn't catch what she said right away, so I kind of shrugged it off (there are quite a few #ElCajonCrazies), but she repeated herself, saying "Do you need a rosary to pray for world peace?", and she had in her bike basket a handful of plastic rosaries. I smiled and said "Oh, no thanks" and she gave me this weird, semi-shocked look. In my head I was saying "Oh, no thanks, I don't need SOMETHING to help me pray for world peace". I don't think she took it that way, probably judging me as an atheist or something as I walked away smiling.

    - Brad