Sunday, April 10, 2011

My new favorite hike in San Diego.

"Big mountain, wide river
There’s an ancient pull
These tree trunks, these stream beds
Leave our bellies full..."

(from "Rise to Me" by The Decemberists)

Today I convinced Matt to ditch his responsibilities (homework) and instead go on a hike with me.  I have been wanting to hike Three Sisters Waterfalls in San Diego County since I recently read about it, and yesterday was a perfect time because the spring flowers are out and it had just rained, which makes for a good sized waterfall with pretty flowers along the trail.  All of the reading I had done about this hike ahead of time referred to it as the Yosemite of San Diego.  Now, I thought that was a bit ridiculous, because Yosemite is my favorite place in the whole world, and I couldn't imagine anything near here comparable.  I will say, though, that this hike was impressive.  As you look at the pictures, look at the size of the waterfall compared to the little people next to it.  I am not sure how I have lived here this long without doing this hike.  

Anyone who says, "San Diego doesn't have nature," just isn't willing to go out and look for it.  We have nature, and it is beautiful.
To get to the trail head, you have to drive on a 7 mile dirt road, which takes you through some water at two points, but we drove my two door Honda Civic, and it was fine.

The hike itself is only four miles round trip, but it is tough.  There is 1,000 foot elevation gain, probably 500 of which takes place in 1/4 of a mile.  It is steep, so steep in fact that at one point you have to use a rope to get yourself up and down a rock.  There were several times throughout the hike that I was using my hands and legs to get up or down things; however, it is totally doable and worth it. 

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