Friday, April 8, 2011

A display of student work.

As I mentioned, last night was the biggest night of the year for our school with a campus wide exhibition of student work that hundreds of people come to.  Our team exhibited a project called "Put a Spotlight on Global Issues."  Our students formed their own non-profit organizations to research and raise awareness about a global issue of their choice.  They had to create business plans for their organizations, t-shirts to raise awareness about their issue, and eco-friendly products to sell to raise money for their global issue.

They showed off their shirts in a fashion show:
They displayed and sold their eco-friendly products:
They displayed and sold the magazine they created as a team to raise awareness about the global issue of genocide:
The night was a success.  Our students raised over 550 dollars to donate to a non-profit organization that we will decide upon as a team.

I am now exhausted and ready for spring break.

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  1. You inspire me, Ms. Brooke :). I hope I can do just a fraction of what you're doing to make the world a better place when I get out of school. Love and hugs.