Saturday, August 18, 2018

Beach days forever.

My goal for the rest of summer is to swim in the ocean as much as possible.

We’ve been several times in the past couple weeks, and a few times I took Everett to the deep part where he couldn’t touch and we swam under the waves together. It was one of those magical motherhood moments that you etch in your memory, ready to retrieve it when joy is needed in the more challenging times.

The silver lining in what has been a particularly warm summer in San Diego is the endless sunny beach days. The water is so warm right now; I could swim all day without the normal goosebumps that accompany a dip in the Pacific Ocean.

There is nothing comparable to the feeling of being completely enveloped in a tumultuous wave, and popping up once it has passed, being so free and weightless.

That is a feeling I plan to chase for the rest of summer.

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