Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day journaling.

“Buddies forever… and ever.” 

Or in this photograph, “...and ever. Buddies forever.” 

I bought them the t-shirts and daily encourage them to be best friends forever, but they decided to have this cuddlefest all on their own. 

Nothing has brought me more joy than these two right here. Today and every day, I am grateful to be their mama. 


This morning I went to a yoga sculpt class, taught by the teacher that challenges me the most physically and spiritually, and for the first time ever, I cried in Shavasana as she talked about mothers. 

I thought about how this day can be complicated. I thought of those in my life who have lost mothers, those who long to be mothers, those who have lost children, those who are single mothers. I sent out a prayer for them.

I thought about how motherhood is complicated. I thought of myself as a mother, a role which has challenged me more and yet brought me more joy than any other thing I’ve done. I thought about how motherhood completely tore me down, and yet I rose and became stronger. I sent out prayer for myself. 

Motherhood has taught me that it is just as important to love yourself as it is to love your people. 

I thought about the beautiful mothers that surround and inspire me on this journey, including my own mother, and I sent out a prayer of gratitude. 

I felt strong as I laid on my yoga mat, having finished a workout that makes me feel like a badass, exhausted from lifting weights and running and squatting, sweat dripping from every pore. 

I felt soft as I laid on my mat, ending my workout with tears streaming down my cheeks. 

Motherhood has made me both a stronger and softer person, and I am grateful. 

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