Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cambria the Little Critter.

Everett loves the Little Critter books. Cambria loves dressing up. It seemed like a good idea to combine the two for "school," and have a "Little Critter Day." Cambria also happens to share some physical characteristics with Little Critter: they both have big brown eyes, a toothy grin, and the same hairdo. We checked out an absurd amount of Little Critter books from the library for this special occasion (because there are so many Little Critter books). Everett and I had a picnic with Little Critter (Cambria) and read seventeen Little Critter books. Cambria was having one of her worse days teething, and she needed some extra cuddles, so all we did was read and eat. It was simple, but it was fun. 

Teething is the worst. She would go from being fine and having fun to grabbing her face and screaming:

Do you see the resemblance? Am I a mean mom for comparing my daughter to Little Critter?

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