Wednesday, February 7, 2018

North Park street art "field trip."

One thing I keep coming back to as a parent is to do things that you love, and bring your kids along with you. That way you can have a happy parent and happy kids. 

I love looking at all of the street art throughout North Park, and it's just another reason I love where we live. On this day, we took a street art "field trip" for "school." We walked up 30th Street from Upas to El Cajon and back. As we walked, we talked about what art pieces were our favorites and what colors we liked. The next day, we looked through these photographs, and once again, talked about what we liked. We used this as inspiration to choose colors for our own art pieces, and then we made salad spinner art (following this tutorial), which both kids really enjoyed. 

Looking for Knuffle Bunny:

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