Friday, August 25, 2017

A day in our life: a solar eclipse, a cape, and a scooter.

After struggling for the past few months, lately I have been really enjoying my kids. 

Motherhood can be so hard, but there are moments that are pure magic, and this day had a lot of them. 

Cambria was just coming off of being sick with a fever and was extra fussy and wanted to be held all day, so we stayed close to home instead of venturing out as planned. 

Everett was so excited about everything on this particular day. I'm trying to change my perspective on age three, because so far, it has been so much more challenging than age two, but I appreciate his continuous zest for life. The way that he finds joy in the every day moments is such an inspiration to me. 

We started our day with a solar eclipse party in the backyard. "Mom, we get to have a donut while we watch the eclipse. Donuts are my favorite food in the whole wide world!" He exuded enthusiasm every time he looked at the eclipse. "Mom, I see the sun peeking! I see the moon! It's way up high. That is amazing. That is so cool!" In between wearing his glasses to view the eclipse, he ran around the yard riding his bike and scooter. He loved the eclipse so much, he wanted to look at it from his swing.

After the eclipse ended, he said, "Mom, I have a great idea! I can wear my cape and ride my scooter around the neighborhood!" So off we went while Cambria cuddled in the carrier. 

When we got home, he wanted to have a picnic on the grass just him and his sister. 

Then, we had a dance party where Cambria played the drum while Everett jumped and danced in her crib.

During her afternoon nap, we made a family of snowmen out of play dough, and there was a Dada, Mama, Everett, and Cambria, and he made them have conversations with each other. 

It was a simple and beautiful day. Turns out three can be pretty great. 

 Crescent shadows during the eclipse:

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