Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Embracing the wild(flowers).

This spring, we have been on a constant hunt for wildflowers. They were abundant this year and only stick around for a short season, so we have gone on many family hikes and adventures exploring our local canyons to spend time amongst the flowers, and we can't seem to get enough.

Spring brought us these wildflowers that paint a beautiful and fitting backdrop to the wild season of life in which we currently find ourselves.

Amongst the wild, there is beauty and joy.

Our life is often chaotic and we are constantly exhausted, but I have so much joy in my heart. I am learning to accept the beautiful mess that is this season of life and just be. Focusing on being present is actually hard for me, but when I let go of expectations that I place on myself or feel like society has laid out for me, I am deeply happy. I never expected to find this much joy or purpose in motherhood, and I am grateful to be here and that I get to fully immerse myself in it for now, as overwhelming and intense as it is.

This season, I am learning to embrace the wild(flowers).

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