Monday, April 24, 2017

Brother and sister.

One of the greatest gifts of this season of life has been watching these two fall in love with each other as the three of us have spent our days together over the past few months. We had hopes that they would one day be friends, but it was a surprise to me how much they love each other now. I am grateful that they get to spend so much time together in this season of life and that I get to be a part of creating a beautiful childhood for them. Everett likes Cambria to be involved in his playing and learning at home, so she often gets invited to do whatever he is doing or he invites himself to join her.

We are in a good place right now. I am really enjoying spending my days with these two. Some days are simple and slow and consist of a lot of play time at home. Most days we are out and about connecting with people and our local community.

Our nights are still rough. These photos are from awhile ago. I am behind on my photography and journaling, which are two gratitude practices for me, so I try to carve out time for them in the midst of this full season of life with two little ones. I am hoping to catch up a little this week. At the same time, it has never been more difficult for me to form a coherent sentence let alone paragraph because of sleep deprivation. I am tired of hearing myself talk about how little sleep we are getting, because it is sad and boring, but it impacts all areas of our life. Just this past Saturday, I was awakened by children eight times throughout the night, and that was with Matt taking Cambria out of our room for three hours. It is not sustainable. We are beginning research on what to do to try to remedy our lack of sleep, because I don't think we can function like this for much longer. 

I like to joke that God didn't want us to have a third child, because he gave us such a horrible sleeper for a second kid, but there just isn't anything funny about not sleeping. Really though, I don't think Matt would ever let me have a third child because of how much suffering we have experienced due to sleep deprivation this time around. 

Anyway, the days are good and beautiful and I love that these two get to hang out and play and that if nothing else, in the midst of this crazy life, they have each other. 
We can't forget about this sibling, too. ^^^ He puts up with a lot, and he is a trooper. 

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