Saturday, February 1, 2014

22 weeks.

Dear baby, 

Last week we had a wonderful doctor's appointment. Our doctor went over all of our test and ultrasound results with us, and everything is good! I don't have anymore placenta issues, our genetic testing came back negative for abnormalities, and for the first time, I am actually a normal pregnant woman without any issues. I probably won't even need another ultrasound, if all continues to go well. What a huge relief! All of that was great news, but the best part was that I felt you move for the first time at the doctor's appointment while she was finding your heartbeat. Now, I can feel you moving more and more and it is just pure pregnancy bliss. I am in a season of life where everything just seems too good to be true, and it makes me feel very undeserving. I am trying to just have a grateful heart each day. Warning: I am about to say the cheesiest thing I've ever said (being pregnant has turned me into a super cheesy person). Pregnancy is kind of like Christmas morning every day. On Christmas, you know you are going to have a good day, because it's Christmas and it's just how it is. Being pregnant makes every day a good one, because no matter what happens, I look down at my stretching belly, and it turns a bad day good. It's kind of amazing. So, here I am, trying to live into gratitude each and every day.


(This week's photos were taken on a very windy evening in Newport Beach.)

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