Friday, January 3, 2014

18 weeks.

Dear baby,

This week was New Year's. Your dad and I went away on a little adventure babymoon to Santa Barbara and Big Sur. I don't think we'll have any more extended time off together until after your birth, so this may have been our last longer adventure for awhile. We spent our time hiking, walking, eating, relaxing, and taking in the beauty that surrounded us. It kind of gives me a lump in my throat to realize this might be our last trip without a baby. Your dad and I have made traveling the world a priority. We've been to six continents, over 20 countries, over 10 National Parks, and on countless road trips together. Of course, I hope to take you on adventures with us, but I'm guessing we won't exactly be wandering around the world anytime soon. Alas, we've had a lot of adventures just the two of us, and I'm grateful for that. 

This week we also accomplished a milestone in baby growing, which was the creation of a possible baby names list. So far, your dad has had nothing to contribute to the conversation, so this was quite the accomplishment for us. Maybe by the time you are born, we will even have settled on a name for you. One can only hope...


(This week's photos were taken on the coast in Big Sur and Santa Barbara.)

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  1. You're looking radiant as ever, Brooke! Your baby is going to be so grateful for these posts and photos to reflect back on. Congrats again! :)