Saturday, December 28, 2013

17 weeks.

Dear baby, 

This week was Christmas! It's crazy to think that next Christmas you'll be a six month old person. I can't quite wrap my mind around that just yet.

Christmas was a week filled with lots of family and friends home for Christmas who we don't get to see nearly enough. It was a busy week filled with lots of people we love. One of my unachievable dreams in life is to be able to live close to everyone I know and love, but I know that will never happen so I'm grateful for holiday reunions. We were with my entire family on Christmas, and your dad's entire family on Christmas Eve. My brother was home for the week from Anchorage, Alaska, so we were able to spend a lot of time with him. We were also able to see best friends that have been a part of our lives forever and were in our wedding, and even some of the newest additions to their families. It was a wonderful homecoming, and hopefully next year, you'll get to meet all of these people and charm them with your good looks and radiant personality.


(This week's photos were taken on a trip to the LACMA with my brother in Los Angeles.)

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