Wednesday, December 18, 2013

16 weeks.

Dear baby,

Christmas is in a week! That is really the only noteworthy thing of late, which I am grateful for. After last week, bring on the uneventful. At this point, my belly is still growing, I am exercising when the doctor allows me to, and am just filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude each and every day. This week, I also had a vivid dream that you were a little girl, but my gut tells me that you are a boy, so who knows. No real mother's instinct about this, I suppose. Also, this week I feel like I have finally come out of the first trimester fog. I'm usually the type of person who enjoys being outside of the house, going on dates with my husband, exploring my city, having people over, having a clean house, etc. But since being pregnant, given the choice, I have wanted to just stay home and nap whenever I could. I am lucky that I didn't have bad morning sickness, but the exhaustion I felt caught me off guard. I didn't feel like myself; I just wanted to be sleeping at least 12 hours a day. I think it made it even worse that I haven't been allowed to exercise most of the time since about 6 weeks. So here's to having more energy, just in time for winter break and two weeks off of work! Time for another adventure, I think...


(This weeks's photos were taken on a beautiful evening at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego.)

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