Wednesday, December 11, 2013

15 weeks.

Dear baby,

This week was a scary one. We ended up in the hospital, and I seriously thought I was going to lose you. I was an emotional wreck, crying in the car on the way, crying in the waiting room, crying while lying in a hospital bed. It took the nurse about five minutes to find your heartbeat, but then, there it was. I guess it's further proof that my heart will never be the same again, because now I have you to love, and it's crazy just how much love I have for you already. I never thought I would be one of those cheesy pregnant women, but here I am. 

As if I weren't grateful enough already for this experience, I am even more grateful after this week and the trip to the hospital. Since we had to go to the hospital, I had a follow up ultrasound with my doctor two days later, which I wasn't expecting to have, and the day of the ultrasound, I was exactly 15 weeks. As we were looking at you on the screen, he asked, "Well, do you want to know what you're having?" Ahhhhhhhh! We had decided to not find out and be surprised, but this week left me feeling quite emotional and wanting to know as much as I could about you, so I really wanted to find out! We didn't though. I thought I definitely wanted to wait, but after my experience this week when I thought I was losing you, I totally wanted to find out if you are a little boy or girl. We'll see...

We did see all ten of your fingers and five of your toes and got to see you wiggle around a lot, and you sure are beautiful. Whether you are a boy or a girl, we sure do love you and I am more grateful than ever for this adventure that we're on together. 


(This weeks's photos were taken in the city we are so grateful to call home, San Diego.)

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