Monday, January 14, 2013

Just some thoughts on the new year.

(My view as I started my 13 mile run on Saturday. One of those perfect San Diego days when you understand why it costs so much money to live here.)

I've spent a lot of time in my head so far this January. I've been thinking about writing "end of the 2012" and "beginning of 2013" journal reflections, making lists of best moments and new hopes and goals. Instead, I spent the last week in my head, just thinking a lot and not writing much down. It is fitting that the new year happens in the middle of winter, a time when we are forced to turn inside, inside our homes to keep warm from the cold dark days, and inside ourselves as the changing of the calendar lures us into taking a deeper look at our lives.

While out on my thirteen mile run on Sunday, with my dog by my side, I started thinking about the things that filled my time in 2012, what I get out of those different parts of my life, and wondering about 2013. 

I spend time working and it gives me purpose, inspiration, and hope. I spend time running and it gives me health, empowerment, and time for reflection. I spend time with my husband and it gives me love and commitment. I spend time with friends and it gives me companionship and fun. I spend time traveling and it gives me adventure and lessons on life. 

While running, my thoughts turned to this space. I spend time journaling here, in my little corner of the internet, and it gives me the opportunity to choose positivity, happiness, and joy.

I also thought about the excess, what I want to eliminate from my life in 2013, and really considered if I needed this space any more, questioning if it was a waste of my time. Through this space, I have learned one of life's greatest lessons- that there is actually a choice- in every single part of life. I have the choice to create a joyful life through focusing on the positive instead of the negative, choosing to spend my time doing things that lead to happiness, and always choosing love, even when it is hard. I discovered that I like taking photographs. It's one of the few things I do just for me, because I enjoy it, and it's become one of my favorite hobbies. 

I realized that there have been many lessons I have learned from being disciplined enough to journal here on a regular basis, and so I will continue it into 2013. Maybe even one day our future children will look back here to see what their parents were like before they were driven crazy by having kids.

It looks like there will be journal reflections coming on the past year and the future year, even if it takes till the end of January, as I slowly unpack my thoughts and continue turning back to this space.

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