Friday, November 9, 2012

Feeling young and hopeful.

We had drinks and dinner at the Neighborhood, one of our favorite places in downtown, to watch the election night coverage (since we don't have TV at home). I went into the night thinking that I would go to sleep without knowing who won the presidential election. I expected it to be that close, so I was happily surprised when they called the election with Obama as the winner. We left the restaurant after that, heading over to the House of Blues to see Delta Spirit play, wandering around downtown, where people were honking and cheering. 

Just as I was thinking I was beginning to get too old for concerts on a school night, swearing this off as my last one, I got my second wind. There is not much in life that keeps an incessant smile on my face for over an hour besides live music that I love. As I moved my body to the music, with a big wide grin plastered across my face, I felt young and hopeful once again... even if I was up way past my bed time on a school night.

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