Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Corners of home.

Over the past few months we have been changing some things up around our home. Since we got married eight years ago, we haven't really bought many things, partially because of a hesitancy to establish roots and also in an effort to not be too materialistic. But slowly I have been learning to value creating a home. My goal has been to make our space a little more personal (you know, more personal than a bookshelf from Ikea). I wanted to surround myself with meaningful things. A map on the wall from my great-grandparents on my Papa's side. Chairs from my great-grandparents on my Grammy's side. An old suitcase from my Nana. Old records from our parents. I am a product of all of these people and so is my living space. It may not be anything close to a home one would see on a design blog, but it's special to me. I enjoyed reuniting with little corners of my home after being away all summer. Plus, a modest two bedroom back house seems like a mansion after staying in random people's spare bedrooms and living out of a backpack all summer. 
1. our peephole.
2. records handed down (thankfully, our parents had good taste in music... mostly).
3. books handed down and collected along the way, all with a story.
4. chairs that resided in my great-grandparents house and then my grandparents house and now our house, newly reupholstered.
5. my kitchen window, with flowers from Matt's 30th birthday party, which was almost a year ago.
6. a suitcase from my Nana's house, filled with treasures.
7. a succulent garden, newly replenished upon returning home.
8. my new rug from Morocco, carried around in my backpack throughout six European countries.

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