Friday, March 16, 2012

New recipes// February.

In line with our food New Year's resolutions, we did make one new recipe per week in February, but two of them were cocktails. I guess that says what kind of a month it was. Maybe we cheated a little bit, but it was fun.

Recipe one: sweet potato coconut curry with bock choy and tofu

Commentary: This was so delicious. We pretty much love anything curry and anything with sweet potatoes, so this was quite the winning combination. We will definitely make it again soon.

From No Meat Athlete. See the recipe here.


Recipe two: black bean and sweet potato enchiladas

Commentary: I love the idea of black bean and sweet potato enchiladas, and while these were delicious, I think next time I would try another recipe. This one seemed to need a little more flavor to me.

Recipe from See the recipe here.


Recipe three: Churchill cocktail

Commentary: This cocktail was inspired by our Downton Abbey obsession. Not because it was ever on the show, but because we decided to have a British themed party for two to watch the season finale. It was yummy.

Recipe from Matt:
three parts scotch
one part sweet vermouth
one part triple sec
one part lime juice


Recipe four: Tequila Gumption cocktail

Commentary: This cocktail was inspired by one of our favorite local restaurants, Craft and Commerce. I tried this cocktail there, and it was so impressive, we tried to imitate it. It turned out to be pretty tasty.

Recipe from Matt:
one part mezcal
one part reposado tequila
dash of orange and Angostura bitters


I kind of feel like a man in his fifties when I drink these cocktails, and I mean that in the most distinguished way possible. I feel very Mad Men-esque. I think it's time to perfect some recipes and have a cocktail party soon. 

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