Saturday, March 10, 2012

Exploring neighborhoods// Kensington.

A couple weekends ago we spent Saturday wandering around a neighborhood we haven't really explored much. Kensington is so small and quaint. We loved the ambiance- from the outdoor cafes and restaurants to a beer shop to beautiful houses and flowers on trees to the most dogs we have ever seen in one neighborhood. We soaked up the sunshine and the neighborhood offerings.
Our little family.
Spring flowers in winter.
Fall leaves in winter.
Kensington Drive.
We ate lunch at the Kensington Cafe, which was one of our choices for our New Year's resolution of trying a new local restaurant each month. Got to love a place where you give your name to be put on the wait list, and they reply, "So it's Brooke for two humans and a dog?"
Taking time to stop and smell the flowers and appreciate some cardboard art.
Lovely neighborhood.
One of my favorite things about San Diego is that we live near a city center, but each urban neighborhood has a kind of small community feel to it and offers so much to discover.

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  1. I love your little family picture :) & the mirror reflection was a perfect one because of the words! This seems like such a sweet little area in SD :)