Monday, March 12, 2012

An awesome (cheap) date.

We have been sick over here this week. Head colds that take over your soul, gift you with a raspy man voice, and make you want to lay in bed and feel sorry for yourself. This is the second time this year we have been sick simultaneously, and I hope it's the last. On Saturday afternoon, we knew we needed to get out of the house and do something, so we came up with this cheap awesome date.

1) Pick up food in Little Italy. We chose to go to Mona Lisa, and shared a meal of cheese ravioli, which came with a salad and amazing garlic bread. The meal was so delicious, and we were both stuffed after sharing it.
2) Eat it on a bench on Harbor Island.
3) Take pictures to enjoy the beauty.
4) Take at least one self timer shot, because those always make us laugh and bring interesting looks from passersby. 
5) Watch the sunset together.

It turned our day around completely. 


  1. great pictures! this post and previous post. love the ones of you and matt especially in reflection. you are quite an excellent photographer. and i love your bun! love you and hope you are all better soon.

  2. That sounds like a perfect date! I love the last shot, you guys are too stinkin' cute ;)
    Hope you're both feeling better now! I think I am finally done being sick (fingers crossed!)


  3. love it and this should be in a Best of San Diego review book! It sure makes me want to head to Little Italy!