Sunday, March 6, 2011

I find joy in... being outside in nature and sunshine.

My one goal for yesterday was to be outside all day, and I accomplished it.  After a morning walk, we had a picnic in the park, and then went up to Torrey Pines for a hike.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, and reminded me that I sure am a nature and sunshine girl at heart.

Torrey Pines just might be my favorite place in San Diego.  It continues to impress me every time.
A flowering cactus and a Torrey Pine.
Me in a hole.
Broken Hill.
We made it to the beach.
Matt and Brooke.
Post hike frozen yogurt in La Jolla.
Matt is interesting, I am boring.
My old last name.
I took this through the windshield of Matt's car as we were driving.

It was an impromptu perfect day.  While we should have been doing laundry, homework (Matt), and applying for a fellowship (me), we were instead enjoying beauty and sunshine.

There are times I try to plan a perfect day, and it doesn't work out, so one has to embrace surprise perfect days when they present themselves.

And as we drove home, we sang really loud, and I especially loved singing the lyrics to this song:

"But for now we are young
Let us lay in the sun
And count every beautiful thing we can see..."

And that's just what we did.

(from "In the Aeroplane over the Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel)

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