Monday, February 28, 2011

I find joy in... watching my students be engaged in their learning.

Being a teacher is hard and frustrating, but it is also filled with moments of joy, and those are the moments I need to focus on more.  Today in class, the students debriefed a Berlin Conference simulation we did last Thursday where they had to role play what took place in history and connect it to many of the problems Africa has experienced throughout modern history. They got into the simulation more than I could have hoped, and it was awesome to see.
 First, it started like this... they were calmly discussing. 

And, then it got like this... they were reaching across tables and such. 

And, it went on like this... and I let them run with it. 

My stomach hurt from laughing so much, so it was a good day indeed and one to be remembered. These are the moments I need to hold onto.

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  1. Brooke, a lovely series of joyful posts. love you! mom