Saturday, February 26, 2011

I find joy in... live music.

This past Thursday night I stayed up till one in the morning... on a school night!
We headed over to the Casbah to see Rocky Votolato, a musician who is not well known by anyone I know except Matt and my brother. While I would love for Rocky's sake that he gain fame and following, I love to be able to go to a small venue and see an intimate show. I got to stand about four feet from him during the show and shake his hand after the concert as we were leaving. We saw him last February as well when neither him nor Matt had beards. Now, they have matching beards and Rocky told Matt he liked his beard as we were leaving. Now Matt is even more convinced that he should keep his beard around.


  1. I LOVE Rocky :) you know 3 people

  2. Hi Brenda! Glad to know that you like Rocky too. More people should know him and love him I think. Hope you are doing well and hope to see you soon!