Monday, July 5, 2010


I am loving the World Cup lately, so you have to imagine the title of this post being shouted out for fifteen seconds really loud like the cool announcers do.

Speaking of goals, I am a definite nerd when it comes to setting them. I have a life goals list, which I like to think about and update. And for summer, I have a goals list as well.

Summer 2010 Goal #1:
I have signed up for the AFC Half Marathon on August 15, which takes place in San Diego. This will be my second half marathon. I have also signed up for... a marathon! This may or may not actually happen, depending on how my body holds up, but the only way to find out is to try. So I signed up for the Long Beach Marathon, which is on October 17.

Part of my running goals this summer include trying new routes as a way to make running more exciting and as a different type of way to explore the beautiful city of San Diego that I live in.

Here are some pictures of me running my first and only half marathon, which was the AFC Half Marathon in San Diego, the same one I will be running again this August.

I was very smiley in the beginning of the race:
And I look like I am running weird in this picture:
There I go:
This picture is like Where's Waldo, but it is Where's Brooke:
Here I come running up next to the San Diego Harbor:
Now I am a little less smiley and a little more tired:
And here is me after I crossed the finish line. I am obviously a little excited at this point to be done running (and I am a little weird):
Me and my medal:
And the lovely people who came out to watch me at all different points throughout the race (also the people who took these pictures of me):

Dad and Mom:
The husband and me (my face gets really red when I run in the heat):
I am actually really excited to do it again!

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