Friday, July 9, 2010

100 days from today...

100 days from today I will be hopefully running a marathon. Yikes.

Today, I woke up and drove to Coronado to run 10 miles around the island. I used to be anti-driving somewhere to run, but I have changed my mind about that for a few reasons: 1) Running somewhere allows you to experience a place in a much different way than just hanging out there. 2) I will have to run a lot in training if I am going to be able to accomplish running a marathon, so it is good to spice things up a bit. 3) If I can't go to the beach in a bathing suit in San Diego in July because the sun never comes out, I might as well go there and do something else.

On this run, Matt let me borrow his iphone, so I could try out the running app. Since it also has a camera, I decided to take some pictures along my run for fun.

Running around the island of Coronado is one of my favorite runs I have done in San Diego, because what you see is so diverse and interesting. I found myself smiling while I was running, taking in the scenery, and just being glad to be healthy and alive.

Here is my journey (keep in mind that I took most of these while running, so don't judge the photography skills).

Running along the beach:
Passing the Hotel del Coronado, which I ran by three times today:
The San Diego skyline:
The Coronado Bridge:
The golf course (I am not a big fan of golf courses, but I do like anything green):
Boats in the harbor:
Back to the beach again:
And then at the very end of my run, I ran past this beauty, so after I finished I went back to take a picture. It is a little white Honda filled with stuff. The entire car is packed and it is just sitting next to the beach.

I love being a tourist in my own city.

After my run, I was starving, so I took myself on a little picnic date at the park near my house. I bought myself a bean and cheese burrito, and paid with all quarters, because I am a classy date like that.

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