Sunday, March 22, 2009

Majestic Mostar

I am glad you liked Sarajevo, but you will love Mostar more. It is more breathtaking in its beauty, but like Sarajevo has two faces because of the war. It exemplifies how beauty intersects with destruction and the memory of war that is so apparent in the people and the landscape of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Mostar is famous for its bridge that you can see in the above and below pictures. It was originally built during the 16th century by the Turkish, but it was destroyed in the war in 1993, and then rebuilt in 2004.

These are my new friends drinking coffee at the bridge. They are all graduate students in Peace Studies like me, and I am so grateful to have met them. From left to right: Penda (originally from Guinea, Africa and studying in Scotland), Dacia (originally from Colorado and studying in Northern Ireland), and Heather (originally from Oakland and studying in Northern Ireland)

Walking the streets of Mostar:

A mosque:

I think the following picture exemplifies Bosnia-Herzegovina. There are two mosques, a church, and a crane all in close proximity, highlighting the different religions which create tension, and then the rebuilding that is still needed physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

A mosque and a church:

There used to be a Jewish synagogue on this site, but it was destroyed during the war and never rebuilt.

Throughout Mostar, there are reminders of the war:

Here on this building, you can see remnants of the war:

More destruction from the war:

And still more:

But, a lot has been rebuilt... and it is quite beautiful.


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  2. beautful. i had no idea islam was so prevalent there, very interesting!