Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last Day in Bosnia

Yesterday in Mostar was amazing. I was fortunate enough to meet three other girls who are getting their master's degrees in Peace Studies at the conference (two in Northern Ireland and one in Scotland), and those are the girls I have been spending the past few days with. The four of us took the 7:05 am train to Mostar, which lived up to its reputation of being a beautiful train ride. The Old Town part of Mostar with the famous bridge was absolutely breathtaking and sunny! We wandered around the cobblestone streets, crossed the bridge back and forth several times, visited churches and mosques, and sat outside in the sun drinking Bosnian coffee, eating Bosnian food, and drinking Bosnian beer. It was a delightful day with an incredibly funny and adventurous taxi ride to see a "big rock in Buna." The locals we were hanging out with on Friday night in the Old Town part of Sarajevo told us that we had to go see the "big rock in Buna" while we were in Mostar and they raved about its beauty. We grabbed a taxi from Mostar to attempt to find this big, beautiful rock, only to arrive in Buna, which was a small, completely flat town. After many attempts at communication (which involved a cell phone translation and some Russian) with our taxi driver who spoke no English, we finally made it to the big rock which was beautiful, but was not in Buna.

I won't be able to post any pictures until I get home, but the pictures should sum up the trip better than I can in writing.

On my last day here, I plan to wander the streets taking pictures, shop in the Old Town, visit a museum or two, drink more Bosnian coffee, eat more Bosnian food, and drink more Bosnian beer.

I have so much to say about this interesting week I have spent in Bosnia-Herzegovina, about the remnants of war that come up in many conversations with locals and in many buildings as one walks through the cities. About the impossibility of ever traveling to this country as a vegetarian or while on the Atkin's diet. About the surpassing beauty of this country that is still trying to rebuild physically, relationally, and emotionally.

As I continue to reflect upon my experience here, I will continue to write about it for those who are interested in reading about it. And if you don't like reading, you can at least look at the pictures.

Time in Bosnia: 10:21 am, Sunday, March 15

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  1. I'm glad that you made it back safe! Cant wait to hear some crazy stories!