Friday, March 13, 2009

From Sarajevo

The conference on Thursday was an invaluable experience for the point I am at in my master’s degree. It was nice to be able to participate in a collaborative effort around conflict and education. Much was discussed and presented. I still need to process it and reflect upon it, and then I will write more about it later.

Last night we went to the Sarajevo Brewery after the conference was over (just the non-Save the Children folks), and then this morning we went on a walking tour around the city, and finished off in Old Town with some local shopping and local food. I took a nap this afternoon and I am meeting friends at 6 for the evening. Tomorrow, it is off to Mostar for the day.

I hoped to post some pictures of beautiful Sarajevo, which is much more beautiful than I expected, but I can't seem to upload them to my computer, so that will have to wait.

Time in Bosnia: 5:36 pm, Friday, March 13

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  1. Brooke, thanks for these posts. thinking of you and love you!!! mom